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Building Future Organisations is, more than anything, about thoroughly understanding future organisational trends and their practical impact on different aspects of your business and operations. These are issues we are all facing and some of us have already solved. Let’s share!

As part of our consultancy concept, we regularly gather selected high-profile business and society leaders, academics as well as practitioners across industries in co-creative and intimate round-table workshops and think tanks to openly share concrete insights, experiences and ideas on selected themes for building sustainable and successful future-fit organisations.

FUSE is an invitations-only initiative we have run successfully in the form of Renesans Round Tables since 2016 in Helsinki to gather Finnish and Nordic business leaders to ponder different aspects of future organisations.

In 2019 and 2020 we are bringing FUSE to Asia.

Upcoming FUSE events

October 31st 2019, Event closed

November 11th 2019, Event closed

November 13th 2019, Event closed

January 2020, Planning and preparations on-going